New Silicone Insoles can Provide Healing for Diabetic Ulcers

photo of a prototype of new silicone insole

Here at Park Crescent we like to talk about new ways to treat non-healing wounds, because we’re proud of our excellent wound care program. Our advanced center is one of the best in the northern New Jersey area, and we’ve had remarkable results in healing chronic open wounds. A research team at Purdue University College…

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Why You’re Feeling Shortness of Breath—and What to do About it

Tightening chest. Suffocation. Not. Enough. Air. That’s what shortness of breath, or dyspnea, feels like, and it’s quite terrifying. Our bodies are hardwired to get air for survival, and when we can’t get enough, we start panicking. If you experience shortness of breath, the first thing to do is to breathe. Panicking will just intensify…

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New Study Identifies Important Dementia Genes

close up of dna double helix

We’ve known for years that genetics play an important part in dementia. While age is still the number one risk factor for dementia, your genes also play a part in whether you will or won’t develop dementia later in life. Until now, researchers have identified genes associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but there was no clear…

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

holiday-themed boxes

Didn’t this year go by fast? At Park Crescent, we’re deep in the 2018 holiday season. The holiday spirit fills our hallways, and we’re eagerly looking forward to the events planned for the next few weeks. If you’re still not sure what gift would be best for your loved one at Park Crescent, here’s some…

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Best Nutrition for Healthy Aging

photo of berries, vegetables, greens, and nuts

Many studies have proven that our food choices play a big part in our overall health.  It’s important to eat nutritious foods from all the food groups, from a young age, and train our children to enjoy fresh nutrient-filled foods. But our food choices become even more important as we age. Older people concerned about…

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Coping with Sundowning

If you’re dealing with a parent or spouse with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ve probably heard of “sundowning.” The term refers to a state of confusion experienced by people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. It’s called sundowning because of when it occurs — in late afternoon. It doesn’t stop there, though. In many cases,…

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When Diabetes Causes Complications

November is almost over, which means National Diabetes Month is on its way out too. Before this important month of awareness makes way for December and the holidays, I wanted to bring up one more topic related to diabetes, and that is the complications associated with the condition. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, diabetes…

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Let’s Be Thankful This Thanksgiving Day—And Every Day

We celebrate Thanksgiving Day tomorrow with family, friends, feasting, and football. Sometimes it seems that the essence of the day—thanksgiving—is lost among the turkeys, pumpkin pies, and NFL games. We could all use a little more thankfulness and gratitude in our lives. We live in unprecedented times—never before has there been an era of such…

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Do You Feel the Burn? It’s GERD Awareness Week

GERD (Gastroesphogeal reflux disease) is so common that many people don’t even know they have it. They may chalk up their discomfort to simple heartburn and suffer in silence, not aware that there are interventions that can really alleviate a lot of their symptoms. Ever year around Thanksgiving—that day we eat lots of rich, heartburn-inducing…

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Diabetes in Medicare Open Enrollment

Type 2 diabetes is one of the biggest health problems facing the aging population, and many baby boomers with diabetes are wondering which Medicare plan is best for their health condition. As we have less than a month left to Medicare open enrollment, you might be wondering if there are better options than what you…

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