Gastrostomy Care

A gastrostomy, commonly called a feeding tube, is necessary when a person cannot eat normally. In this case, the feeding tube is inserted directly into the stomach by a minor surgical procedure, which allows liquid food to be poured straight into the stomach instead of being fed through the mouth. Reasons for a Gastrostomy Post-stroke…

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Diet Soda Associated with Diabetic Eye Disease that can Lead to Blindness

Diet Soda Associated with Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (PDR) It is not easy to be a diabetic. Sometimes you feel like you cannot eat half the foods that are out there. However, the most frustrating scenario of all is when foods that are geared specifically to the diabetic population turn out to be the most harmful.…

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January is Thyroid Awareness Month

butterfly signifying thyroid awareness month

Of all the health awareness months and observances, perhaps January’s is most important. That’s because January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Many people don’t even know where the thyroid is located, much less what it actually does. But in fact, the thyroid is one of the most important little glands in the body, and when it’s…

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Exercise From Your Chair or Wheelchair

handicap symbol wheelchair

Are you setting a resolution for 2019? One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get more exercise. Exercising has been proven to lower your risk of many different diseases, including heart disease, lung disease, and Alzheimer’s. It also makes you feel better and lighter throughout the day. If you have mobility issues,…

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When Heart Attacks are Silent

Doctor examines elderly female patient with stethoscope

Most people think they would know immediately if they were experiencing a heart attack. We expect a heart attack to come along with severe chest pains or other impossible-to-ignore symptoms. But sometimes, heart attacks can occur with just mild discomfort, or even no symptoms at all. When this happens, we call it a silent heart…

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It’s the Perfect Time to Talk About the Future

man signing a living will

The holiday season is a good time to have a discussion with your loved ones about your durable powers of attorney for healthcare and living will. While most people would rather not dwell on the topic, addressing the matter when you are healthy is the best way to ensure that your wishes are followed if…

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How to Celebrate the Holidays when Your Parent’s in a Nursing Home

happy senior woman with cup of coffee at home

If this is your elderly loved one’s first year at Park Crescent or another nursing home, you may be feeling a little at a loss. How should you celebrate when your loved one is no longer in their own home? Especially when the senior in question isn’t mobile and can’t leave the facility for a…

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New Silicone Insoles can Provide Healing for Diabetic Ulcers

photo of a prototype of new silicone insole

Here at Park Crescent we like to talk about new ways to treat non-healing wounds, because we’re proud of our excellent wound care program. Our advanced center is one of the best in the northern New Jersey area, and we’ve had remarkable results in healing chronic open wounds. A research team at Purdue University College…

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Why You’re Feeling Shortness of Breath—and What to do About it

Tightening chest. Suffocation. Not. Enough. Air. That’s what shortness of breath, or dyspnea, feels like, and it’s quite terrifying. Our bodies are hardwired to get air for survival, and when we can’t get enough, we start panicking. If you experience shortness of breath, the first thing to do is to breathe. Panicking will just intensify…

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