Doctors and Medicaid; Is There A Disparity?

At Park Crescent Healthcare and Rehabilitation in East Orange, we have a dual license to provide short term sub-acute rehabilitation (typically synonymous with Medicare), as well as long term skilled nursing care (typically synonymous with Medicaid).

Our subacute patients and our long term residents thrive in health and in happiness under our expert care.

We are also quite proud of our robust and equal commitment to all our patients and residents, irrespective of their payor source. Our roster of physicians share our values and commitment and this too is a source of singular pride for us.

This is especially notable in light of the inescapable and ubiquitous talk of physicians shying away from accepting Medicaid due in part to their lower level of reimbursement.

It was therefore interesting for me to note a perspective shared just yesterday on by a certain physician who makes the case that there are perhaps other contributing factors as it relates to the disparity.

Certainly, interesting food for thought.

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