Know Your Rights as a Resident

Do you know your rights as a nursing home resident?

Consumer Voice, a national advocate for quality long-term care, celebrates Resident’s Rights Month every October. Here at Park Crescent, we’re passionately devoted to honoring our residents’ dignity and value, and so we’re joining Consumer Voice in raising awareness about this important topic. Resident Rights logo


If you are a resident or family member to a resident, you must know your rights and how to use them. Nursing homes and other LTC facilities are often the very best choice for seniors. However, your rights may sometimes be inadvertently infringed upon, and you can use your voice to make sure you retain your rights.

The full list of resident’s rights are outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 483. That means your rights are protected at both the state and federal levels. To view the list, click here: 42 CFR 483.10 — Resident Rights.

Here are your basic rights, as expounded in the Code of Federal Regulations:

All Park Crescent residents are entitled to:

  • Live a dignified existence and be free of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Make their own choices regarding their schedules, needs, and plan of care.
  • Be fully informed about their medical care plan, as well as changes to that plan and any other arrangements.
  • Voice concerns and raise grievances without fear of discrimination or retaliation.
  • Have access to individuals and services both inside and outside of the facility.
  • Information about his or her financial affairs, as well as the ability to manage them.
  • Privacy and confidentiality regarding personal, financial, and medical matters.
  • Rights during discharge and/or transfer.

At Park Crescent Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, we have always been committed to providing these rights to all our residents, without exception.

Today we reaffirm that commitment to you, our residents, and we invite you to come bring any concerns or complaints to us right away so we can address them.


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