Medical Non-Toxic Adhesive Glue can Replace Stitches


Hot Glue Gun

According to an article published June 11, 2019 in the Times of Israel, scientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel have developed a new medical non-toxic adhesive glue that can replace stitches, staples and pins in serious injuries. The study was published March 28, 2019 in Advanced Functional Materials.

Medical Non-toxic Adhesive Glue Developed from a Previously Approved Polymer

The medical non-toxic adhesive glue was developed by Prof. Boaz Mizrachi and Alona Shagan. They used a polymer that had been previously approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but were able to lower its melting point. It is applied with a hot glue gun at slightly above body temperature to prevent burns. After it is applied it solidifies, but remains flexible and will break down naturally after the wound has healed.

Advantages over Traditional Method of Stitching Wounds

Can be Applied to Both Internal and External Wounds

This non-toxic biodegradable glue can be applied to both internal and external wounds. Other medical glues can only be applied to the surface of the skin, as they are very toxic. This non-toxic glue, however, can be applied to deep internal wounds and organs rather than just on the skin surface.

Stitches, Staples and Pins can Cause Pain and Leave Scars

Using stitches, staples and pins may not only be painful and leave scars, but only a highly skilled doctor can apply them. Also, not all stitches are the dissolvable kind and they must usually be removed within a week to 14 days.

Glue can Replace Stitches and Sealing

Stitches when applied to organs or blood vessels can leak, so they also need something to seal them. The new medical surgical glue can replace both the treatment by stitches and the sealing material.

Remains Flexible and can Break Down after Wound has Closed

The glue remains flexible after it solidifies and does not harden like other kinds of medical glue. It also can break down in the body after the wound has closed.

Glue may be Available in 2-3 Years

This new glue that can replace the use of stitches, staples and pins can speed up the healing process with less scarring. Since it is composed of materials that had already been approved by the FDA, the researchers believe that the product can be available within two to three years and the Technion is now searching for a partner to market this new glue.

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Let’s hope that this new medical glue will soon become available to doctors, surgeons and trauma units as it shows more advantages over traditional suturing with stitches, pins and staples.

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