Park Crescent Healthcare and Rehabilitation Introduces Telemedicine!

For Immediate Release: 

Park Crescent Healthcare and Rehabilitation is excited to announce the launch of our new Telemedicine program, in partnership and collaboration with the prestigious Telemedicine provider known as TripleCare.




About Triple Care

TripleCare was born out of the realization that patients in our healthcare system face many challenges during treatment, and one of the biggest is getting access to high-quality care — quickly and comfortably. The founders of TripleCare saw the lack of physician care after-hours frequently leading to increased re-hospitalizations and a revolving door between hospitals and nursing homes. They knew that there could be a way to deliver scalable, high-quality care to patients in need after hours — they just needed to develop it.

Co-founders Dr. David Chess and Evan Rakowski met while developing other telemedicine solutions for the acute patient population. David, a geriatrician and healthcare innovator, and Evan, a business specialist and passionate entrepreneur, believed that dedicated, expert physicians supported by state-of-the-art technology would be the key to transforming health care. Based on 45 combined years of expertise in the healthcare field and several years of research and development, TripleCare was built to deliver that transformation.
As an innovator in Skilled Nursing care and Post-acute Rehabilitation, Park Crescent readily saw the value in this technology to benefit our patients and residents after hours and were excited to incorporate it into our already robust care protocol.
Last week, the staff at Park Crescent got together for a wonderful ‘launch party,’ which was attended by approximately 28 of our nurses and aides.
Our DON, Pamela, was on-hand to explain and clarify some of the nuances of the machine and its usage and our nurses enthusiastically embraced this new opportunity to offer additional specialty care to our grateful residents.
Here is a photo of the Telemedicine machine:
Here is a photo of the event:
For additional photos of the event, please visit our Park Crescent Facebook Page!

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