Vitamin B12 Can Help to Prevent and Treat Diabetic Neuropathy

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 puts Diabetics at Risk for Diabetic Nerve Damage Diabetics are at high risk for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which is diabetic nerve damage. A British study was presented November 21, 2018 at the Society for Endocrinology annual conference in Glasgow. The results of their research suggest that earlier detection of Vitamin B12…

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New Silicone Insoles can Provide Healing for Diabetic Ulcers

photo of a prototype of new silicone insole

Here at Park Crescent we like to talk about new ways to treat non-healing wounds, because we’re proud of our excellent wound care program. Our advanced center is one of the best in the northern New Jersey area, and we’ve had remarkable results in healing chronic open wounds. A research team at Purdue University College…

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