Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

Didn’t this year go by fast? At Park Crescent, we’re deep in the 2018 holiday season. The holiday spirit fills our hallways, and we’re eagerly looking forward to the events planned for the next few weeks.

If you’re still not sure what gift would be best for your loved one at Park Crescent, here’s some things they might enjoy:

1. Body lotion

Seniors are more prone to dry skin than younger people, and the climate-controlled environment of nursing homes doesn’t help that. A high quality body lotion or moisturizer  is a great gift idea for your loved one.

2. Framed photos or wall hangings

At Park Crescent, we encourage our residents to personalize their rooms with photos, paintings, or other decor. Took a family holiday picture? Frame it and hang it on your loved one’s wall. You can even collect photos of the nursing home resident together with their loved one, and arrange them in a collage frame for a cheery addition to their room.

3. Books in large print

If your loved one enjoys reading but has vision problems, getting some of their favorite books in large print would make them so happy. You can also get them new books in their favorite genres so they can continue reading and learning new things even with their vision impairment.

Likewise, many nursing home residents enjoy doing crossword puzzles to keep their brains sharp and busy. Gifting a variety of large-print crossword and other puzzle books will fill their long winter evenings.

4. Fleece throw blankets

At Park Crescent, we keep the temperature in the public areas at a level comfortable for the average person. Some seniors feel cold all the time, so some cozy fleece blankets for your chilly loved one would be a very thoughtful gift. Fleece throw blankets are the perfect size for tucking around a senior in a wheelchair.

5. iPad or tablet

For the more tech-savvy senior, an iPad or tablet is a great gift. They can read books—magnified as much as they want, stay in touch with remote loved ones via email and video calls, and follow the news, sports, or anything else online.

6. Address book

A nice address book, with loved ones’ contact information already entered into it, is a useful gift for seniors. You can find address books in any style, from classic, to whimsical, to truly beautiful, so it can also serve as a nice table accessory.

7. Clock

Seniors, especially those new to nursing home life, might feel like their time is not their own. Give them back their time by gifting a nice clock. The clock should have large numbers that are clearly visible at night. You can get many additional features on the clock, such as alarms, radio, and date.

8. Large-print calendar

Like a clock, a calendar can help your special nursing home resident feel in control of their life. You can mark down family birthdays and anniversaries, and help your loved one keep track of their appointments, holidays, and special nursing home events.

9. Comfort clothing

Comfortable and cozy clothing, such as fleecy sweaters or socks, comfy slip-proof slippers, or a plush bathrobe will make your loved one feel pampered and luxurious.

10. Fancy chocolates

If your loved one is allowed sugary treats, you might want to send them a box of their favorite luxury chocolates. You can also send a candy tray, fruit bowl, or flowers, depending on your loved one’s preferences. Consider ordering a second arrangement for their devoted nurses!


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